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Greek, 2.10: Hell Week

I'm pretty sure nothing can ever redeem Evan in my eyes from now on. I'm actually genuinely disturbed by the way he bashed Rusty over the head with the paddle. Like, it was not even a little bit cartoonish, it was properly violent. Calvin's horrified reaction when Evan told him was exactly right. Because it's freaking *Rusty* and he's tiny in comparison to Evan, and he's harmless, and he's a lovely person, and wow. Evan is a *douche*.

But then, the way Cappie looked after Rusty afterwards was one of the sweetest, most tender scenes in the series thus far. It is so rare to see male friendship presented as sweetly as it is in Greek. Cappie loves his boys so fiercely - especially Rusty - and they love him back. I adore Rusty and Dale together as well (who would have thought a character like Dale would ever win my heart? I blame Clark Duke, who is just wonderful). Oh, and "Chip and Dale"? SO CUTE.

I am also super impressed with how unabashedly gay-friendly the show is, giving us non-stereotypical gay characters, who are three dimensional, sexual people. And the script! Brilliantly clever. I think my favourite conversation to date was between Rusty and Cappie in "Gays, Ghosts, and Gamma Rays", which had me crying with laughter. The deadpan delivery of it all was what did me in:

Rusty: No offence, but - we're screwed. These books are scary thick and I can't even wrap my head around the class description in the syllabus. 'The thrust of the phallus is how perceptions of masculinity affect psychosocial and interpersonal relationships.'

Cappie: Rusty, don't go soft on me.

Rusty: Cap, I'm beat. This class is really hard. Just can't cram it in fast enough.

Cappie: All right. We need a helping hand. Reach around to those books.

Rusty: What are you thinking?

Cappie: I'm thinking we get everybody in here, we bang our heads together, everyone pitches in. If Joshua Whopper's going down, he's not taking the rest of us with him.

I have a lot to say about the girls too, but I might save that for another post. Suffice to say, I'm really happy that Ash is president now, and I will die if Rebecca chooses hideous Frannie over Casey. *nervous*

Parks and Recreation, 2.16: Galentine's Day

I'm with you, muic. Lesley/Ron FTMFW. ♥

Smallville, 9.12: Warrior

I did not care for this episode. Way to make me hate Zatanna, Smallville! Why on earth the show would think having Clark kiss another woman at this point (OR EVER AGAIN) was a good idea is beyond me, although if they were going to go there why not write a decent scene around it? You know, one that actually made a modicum of sense? Yes I can fanwank it by saying that Clark's love for Lois is what broke the spell (which is quite plausible I think) but I still think the director (WHO DIRECTED THIS SHIT? /rhetorical) was trying to create genuine sexual tension between Clark and Zatanna, of which there was none. It was mostly just Zatanna inappropriately hitting on Clark and Clark looking perplexed. I know what horny Clark looks like and that wasn't it.

On the plus side, Chloe going on a date with a child (and loving it!) was hilarious. LOLOL. What a loser.
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