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Ride me, Stallion!

Title: Stallion
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Lana/Clark
Spoilers: Early S5
Warning: This story contains content that most of you will probably find disturbing/offensive.
Notes: This is more serious than I originally planned. And it's not really for Clana fans. Big thanks to kho for the insane encouragement and beta.
Summary: Um. Clark and Lana have sex.
Feedback: Is the new Clex.

Stallion, by Kate

Lana is lying flat on her belly, arms stretched out in front of her, hands gripping the metal bars of the headboard. Legs spread.

Clark, behind her, looming presence, covering her body like a giant, male radiator, and he's fucking her.

Long, slow thrusts sliding in and out. Noises familiar to her now, but still intoxicating.

Clark is not a quiet lover. He moans and grunts and he likes to whisper things into her ear while he fucks her. Things she can never imagine him saying when they're out in public together but God, she loves it when he does it.

He's talking to her now. Stilted throaty whisper, right against her cheek, tongue slipping out to lick her earlobe.

"Does it feel good, Lana? Do you like the feeling of my cock inside you?"

Oh, it feels better than good. She doesn't want it to end, ever. Just wants Clark to keep fucking her and sometimes she wonders if he could fuck her all night. His stamina is… practically inhuman.

"Yes, Clark. Don't stop-" she gasps out.

And Clark just fucks her harder.

He likes if from behind. Always from behind.

Lana is concerned about that sometimes, but right now she's not complaining. Clark always makes her come.

She's close now, even.

Clark is still talking. "Feels so good. So good."

And then he slows it down a bit.

Pulls his cock out of her completely and she whips her head around, about to ask why. But finds him sitting up on his knees, staring down at her ass with a strangely serious and contemplative expression on his face.

He runs fingers down the cleft of her ass, keeps going, and then pushes two inside her, where his cock had been. Takes them out again and Lana knows they must be wet now.

She always lets Clark do what he wants to her in bed and now's no exception. But when he starts rubbing slippery fingers over her asshole again and again, she feels a spark of fear shoot through her body.

Clark's pleased sigh when he pushes a big finger into her ass makes her decide to keep her mouth shut about it though. And okay, it feels a little weird, but not bad weird. Besides, if it's what Clark wants…

"Oh God, that's amazing," he says. "I wanna-"

Two fingers now.

And then he's bracing himself over her with one hand and his other hand - fingers now removed - is wrapped around his cock and he's rubbing the head of his cock up and down the cleft of her ass. Then just massaging it against the hole. It feels… pretty amazing.

"I want to put my cock in here," he says and he means it. And then he pushes it without permission and, ouch, that's kind of painful.

"Wait, Clark."

"Why? I want to fuck you like this." And he keeps trying to push himself inside her.

Okay, they've never done this before but she's pretty sure they need to use some kind of lubrication.

"It hurts, Clark. We need lube or something."

Clark stops and pulls back. "Sorry," he mumbles and then starts looking around the room wildly.

Lana points with a soggy arm somewhere in the direction of her dresser. "There's some lotion over there."

Clark gives her a small smile and then pulls her ass cheeks apart with his thumbs and stares, just stares at her ass. She closes her eyes and tries not to feel embarrassed.

Then there's wet. Oh God, oh God. Clark's got his tongue there! He's tonguing her. He's actually got his tongue inside her ass. Lapping away like she's some kind of tasty dessert. Oh no, no, no. Why does that feel so good?

Wants him to stop. Hopes he doesn't. Whines high and long and… oh God, he's stopped.

She looks around at him and he's grinning at her.

"Yummy," he says and he's so obviously enjoying making her squirm.

Then he hops up off the bed and walks over to the dresser, leisurely, not in any hurry whatsoever and Lana is so on the edge it's ridiculous.

She can't keep her eyes off him. Tall and gorgeous and… big. So big. He turns around so he's facing her and squirts the lotion onto his hands and starts rubbing it all over his cock, moaning a little at the feel of it. It must feel good. It looks like it feels good. Clark's eyes fall shut and he strokes himself, letting Lana watch, or just not caring that she's watching. It's a tough call given that he seems to be in his own little world.

Lana loves Clark's cock. Especially when it's hard like it is right now. It looks so proud and what Clark's doing is so dirty, so intimate. Lana reaches an arm down and puts a hand between her legs. Rubs a finger over her clit and her body spasms in response. She's on fire. She wants Clark back on top of her, inside her.

But she's also a little scared because Clark's cock is going somewhere it's never been before and it's probably going to hurt and there's no way she can back out now.

Clark opens his eyes again and lets them roam over Lana's body but then they fix on her ass and that's where he keeps his gaze. He walks over without letting go of his cock, still stroking himself in fact, and then jumps back on the bed, right between her legs again. Uses both of his hands to pull her legs apart even further.

Then two slippery, slimy fingers are being pushed into her ass again.

"Can't wait to put my cock in here." He says it through gritted teeth. He sounds almost… angry.

Lana tries to relax and Clark's fingers are starting to feel really good and not weird at all.

Then they're gone and Clark's cock is… oh God… he's pushing it inside her. Slowly, slowly, and oh god, ah, it hurts.

"Stop, Clark. Go slower-"

Clark stops pushing and runs his hand down her back. "Sorry," he whispers, not sounding very sorry.

But then he starts pushing again, and it still hurts, but she can't keep telling him to stop. "Slow," she breathes out, and Clark freezes again, then pulls out a little and then pushes in again, gently, not gently enough. Out and then in a little bit more. A little bit more. It's getting easier with every light thrust.

Every thrust he's pushing in deeper, every thrust a little bit harder, every thrust hurts a little bit less. And then he's inside her completely and his groan sounds pained and happy.

"How does it feel?" he asks her, voice trembling, and she wonders if he cares about her answer.

"It feels okay-" she replies.

"So good, so good. So tight around my dick. Oh God."

And with that, he pulls out most of the way, and then pushes – hard – right back in. Ah. The stretch is intense, but at least she's no longer in pain.

Clark's stopped talking. He's just breathing hard and pulling his cock out again. And then back in.

And then he just starts fucking her. Fucking her ass.

His cock keeps hitting a spot inside her and it sends this electric jolt right through her and it's good, it's incredible, it makes her want to put more pressure where she needs it.

So hand back down between her legs and she starts rubbing herself and she's never been this wet before. It's never been this good before.

Oh God, she's going to come, she's going to come soon, oh God, he's so hard, so big, so perfect, ah, ah –

Orgasm hits her like a beautiful punch, whole body in flames, frying her alive, burning her brain, it goes on and on and on.

On and on and she can't breathe properly and she'll never recover from this.

Except that Clark's still fucking and he's fucking her with brutal force and, ah, it's getting a little uncomfortable now, but she has to let him finish, has to feel him coming too, inside her.

She moans every time he thrusts in. Hopes it'll be over soon but wants it to be the best for Clark.

Can't help wondering if he's even thinking about her.

"Ah! Ah! Aaaah!"

That's it, he's coming, he's finally coming and he's coming hard.

Then it's over.

He pulls out, strangest feeling in the world, and flops down on the bed beside her, eyes shut, breathing loud.

She doesn't even know what to say.

And then there's the thing that she's come to expect after sex and she loves Clark so much she can't question it because she's afraid of the answer.

She's afraid he'll leave her instead of being honest.

So she stays quiet and hates it. Hates the look on Clark's face right now. Eyes open, staring at the ceiling, no more talking.

For ten minutes. Always about ten minutes. In the past when she's tried to touch him he's flinched. Won't look at her. Won't talk. Won't smile. Won't do anything other than stare at the ceiling. His face blank.

After the longest ten minutes of her life since the last time they fucked, he looks at her, apologetically. Then he smiles and that's her cue to curl up in his arms.

"I love you," he says and she wants it to be true.

"I love you too."

They fall asleep together, wrapped around one another and Lana does her best to ignore the warning voices.

Clark loves her and she loves Clark. That's all that matters.

The end.
Tags: fic, fic: sv
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