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Smallville, 9.11: Absolute Justice

Normally after my film class I go home and watch How I Met Your Mother in bed, but last night I was all, "I'll watch Smallville instead!" A long while later: "Why does this episode feel like it's never going to end?"


Uh, it was okay? I stopped reading comics a while ago so episodes like this don't get me all hot and bothered like some of you lot, although I do remember (and like) Hawkman. He was pretty cool but I have limited patience for relentless grumpiness (although I actually really loved his verbal sparring with Ollie, who is so much more entertaining when he's not whining about how hard his life is), which is why Stargirl was by far my favourite of the guest superheroes. I'm guessing no one else liked her much (I was the only one who voted for her in duskwillow's poll) but I found her really kind of awesome, and I would love to see her return to the show.

Clark was absolutely beautiful and great throughout, even though he didn't have much to do.

Is something brewing between Ollie and Chloe? Because I would actually be okay with that, for two reasons. 1) It will annoy all the Chloisers and 2) It will keep Ollie from boringly mooning over Lois, who will never ever love him (like that). That said, I lovelovelove that he's exchanging dirty emails with Canary.

For the first twenty minutes or so I was terrified that this would be a Lois-free episode, and when she turned up I may have clapped like a seal just a little bit. Her investigative skills are unparalleled! She really is the great Lois Lane. ♥ Nice work with the fake!Clark too - I totally saw it coming but it was funny anyway. And even though it was anvillicious I did enjoy Dr Fate telling Lois that she was super important, and not because it meant much to her but because when she told Clark about it later he looked so happy. I just love that Lois has no idea what it means (and doesn't particularly care) but Clark does and he gets to experience the hope and joy that goes with a new relationship (instead of the fear and loneliness he used to feel).

Of course Lex is alive. I'm sort of hoping Michael Rosenbaum's post SV career continues to suck because he'll be way more likely to return for a multi-episode arc in the final season. If there ever is a final season of course.
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