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It’s just a TV show, bitches! Therefore no one should take it seriously, or disagree with me when I take it seriously enough to like, go and read other people’s opinions about it. If I love something then it must be perfect, because taste is objective and my taste is beyond reproach. If I love something that someone else finds racist or sexist then aren’t they calling me a racist misogynist? Fuck that. I’m not ignorant and how dare you excuse me of being entertained by anything other than the most intelligent, politically correct art! Racism? Sexism? In this day and age? AREN’T WE PAST THAT YET? Clearly you are just interpreting the source material incorrectly. Let me tell you what’s actually going on, little lady! And one more thing: it is perfectly okay for me to call a fictional character a dirty whore because it’s not possible to hurt her feelings, and if you don’t agree with me then you take television way too seriously. Now excuse me while I go and write some fanfiction.
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