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Why did they stop putting sequins on wool?

I'm halfway through season 1 of Greek and I'm completely in love with Cappie. He is my new TV boyfriend. Basically it's like this: I am in a relationship with both Cappie and Clark Kent, and, while he's not very nice to me, I do enjoy spending quality sexy times with Eric Northman. Jonathan Ames is my good friend who I have sexual chemistry with. Logan Echolls is my ex who I still get to bang on occasion.


Glad to have Damages back - even gladder that Keith Carradine has been added to the cast this year. He seems to be popping up in everything at the moment and I am cool with that.


The Dollhouse finale was okay but didn't make me wish it hadn't been cancelled. Ultimately I didn't really care about any of them. Kudos to Eliza Dushku though - I thought her performance was genuinely excellent in this episode.
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