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Smallville, 9.10: Disciple

I wasn't particularly sold on this episode because it heavily featured two characters I don't give a fuck about: Zod and Ollie. Zod is, in my opinion, the absolute worst recurring character the show has ever given us. Nothing about Callum Blue's performance works for me - he isn't scary, his plans are retarded, he's got no sex appeal, no charm, nothing to suggest him as a great leader, and the whole "YOU CAN TRUST ME" whilst freaking smirking thing he kept doing to Clark was utterly ridiculous. If you're trying to get someone to trust you, Zod, how about dialing *down* the crazyface.

Additionally I am so bored with Ollie angst that I want to scream at the writers to GET SOME NEW GODDAMN IDEAS. I'm even tiring of seeing him shirtless in Every. Single. Episode. Controversial! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for objectifying the male form, but can't we see some Clark skin instead? He's so much more attractive.

What I did really love was all the Clark/Lois interaction.

"It was our first public outing as kind of like a couple."

Clark looks irritated. "Emphasis on kind of. You wouldn't even let me help you with your coat."

"I held your hand," Lois responds, delighted with herself.

And Clark can't help smiling because even though she's a big spaz she makes him happy. "Only when you were taking hors d'oeuvres out of it."

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