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Because either way I win.

The only guys who got more yeses than nos in yesterday's poll were Jensen Ackles, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, Jason Momoa, Chris Pine, Karl Urban, and of course, our extremely sexually attractive winner and my personal favourite, Tom Welling (who - currently - 79.4 percent of you want to bang).


Last night I went to uni and enjoyed one class with hot teacher, and then me and my two favourites (Sami and Danny) decided to bunk off the second (super boring) class and go to the pub instead. We had so much fun. Anyway, in December Teacher came out for drinks with us right, and Sami told me that he has this theory that if you buy the teacher a drink and show him that you're an awesome person he will give you a higher grade on your essay because he will unconsciously favour you. This is apparently why we did so well. Also, both Danny and Sami reckon that Teacher fancies me, and that's why I got the highest mark. And you know what? I AM OKAY WITH THAT.

Tags: actor: tom welling, douchebag, polls, real life, uni
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