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My cat, the stupid idiot.

I have to go home at lunch because my cat - oh god I’m almost too embarrassed to say, - but okay, so this morning Charlie the cat was fine one minute, and the next he had… a snail attached to his paw. That’s right, a snail. On closer inspection his toe was wedged into the snail shell and when we tried to pull it off he just screamed in pain and the thing didn’t budge. I suspect there is no snail inside the shell (I tried to salt it but to no avail) and he’s basically just attached his claw to it, which is why we can’t get it off and why it hurts him when we try. So he’s basically fine but when he walks around he makes a clicking sound, like he’s wearing one high heel. I didn’t manage to get a good photo this morning but I’ll try again before I take him to the vet, which btw I hate doing because he loathes being put in the cage and tends to cry the entire time he’s in it.

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