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Movies whilst ill.

I am at home on the couch with flu. Tonight I miss class for the first time because I am too sick to go, but it's just a screening (of a depressing documentary about terrorism) which I can watch at home, so not too disastrous. The last few days have been spent feeling crappy and watching millions of films, and a bit of telly. In order of worst to best:

Dorian Gray

I finished the book yesterday so was well up for the film; unfortunately the film is awful. The characterisation of the two main characters - Dorian and Henry Wotton - is completely different in the film, and while I know adapting books is a thankless task and fans of the book will never be satisfied, I do think attempting to be faithful to the themes and the characterisation (if not the story) is generally quite important. In the book, Henry and Dorian are aesthetes and their hedonism is secondary to that. To me that's what makes them interesting, original characters. In the film Dorian's love of whores and opium turns him into a psychopath, and it is the love of a good woman who saves his soul before he dies. Seriously. How faithless can an interpretation be? Because this film entirely misses the point. If that weren't enough, it's boring and just badly made in general.


Joseph Gordon Levitt still owns my heart and the film's two storylines set in parallel universes is an interesting approach, but sadly neither story is particularly gripping, deep or original.

Up in the Air

Quite good, not amazing.

How I Met Your Mother, 5.12: Girls Vs. Suits

This episode made me feel excited about meeting the mother, which I haven't been for a while if ever. I just hope they don't make us wait too much longer, because I am so ready. Overall quite an enjoyable episode - my favourite scene was when Barney donated the buttons of his dying suit to save another. I found Tim Gunn hysterical.

The Invention of Lying

I really enjoyed this. Jennifer Garner saying "I was just masturbating" is pretty much the perfect way to open a film as far as I'm concerned. She's so charming it's ridiculous, and Ricky Gervais is a surprisingly appealing romantic comedy lead.

Dollhouse, 2.11: Getting Closer

What the fuck! Boyd! I don't know whether I'm horrified or turned on.

Seriously though, do you think this was planned from the beginning? Because if so that makes me want to watch the entire series again and pay closer attention to Boyd's scenes. He's pretty much my favourite so I'll love him if he's good or bad, but I do hope he turns out to be a least a little bit good.


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