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Clana sex.

Clark and Lana fucking.

I am trying  to picture it and coming up with zip.

Do you think she sucked his cock? Did he go down on her? Did she go on top or did he take her from behind? Did he finger her? Did he spank her? Does she like it rough and fast or does she prefer it slow and hard? Did they talk dirty to each other? Did Clark say anything when he first slid his cock into her? "Oh God, Lana, you're so tight."? Did Lana have an orgasm? I mean, they're implying that the sex they're having is good, but really. Lana having an orgasm? I'M DRAWING A BLANK. Although, I can imagine it happening with Lex, because Lex gets her totally hot and horny, it's obvious.  See, the only way I can envisage Clana sex is as a very sweet, romantic, I'm-so-in-wuv-with-you, tasteful, boring affair with lots of meaningful staring into each other's eyes and OMG NO FUN AT ALL.


"Clark-" Lana whispers urgently, hotly, right into his ear.

He turns his head toward her so her lips touch his cheek. "What?"

"I want you to take me out back, into the alley, and fuck me. I want you to pull down my pants and my panties, bend me over the dumpster, and fuck me from behind, as hard as you can. I want your cock inside me. I want you to ram it into me. Right now."

Clark swallows. "Okay."

He jumps up, grabs her hand and starts running out of the Talon, a breathless, giggling Lana in tow. Damn.

She wants it hard? She'll get it hard.


And my point it, that's completely OOC. Ha! I just broke my promise to never write Clana! *is not sorry at all*

Tags: porn, sex, tv: smallville
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