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I stopped feeling sorry for myself.

So hey, wow, I am actually writing some porn. What! It's going okay too: I've written about 2000 words so far, and while I'm not sure where it's going (other than the bedroom) I feel like I could even finish it by the end of the weekend. If so, would anyone be interested in beta reading for me? It's Clark/Lois.


Check out rivkat's Eight Crazy Nights entries: she's written a bunch of really good Clex ficlets which have made me feel very nostalgic. Weren't they just the best pairing ever? *sigh*


Episodes 5 and 6 of Friday Night Lights totally broke me. Honestly, I didn't think anything would be more devastating than Zach Gilford's performance in "The Son", one of the best ever episodes of FNL, but then in "Stay" Matt *leaves*. No more Matty. And I get why they wrote him out because it didn't make sense for him to stay in Dillon, but I cannot express how devastated I am that he's no longer in the show. You should have seen me. The last time I cried so much at a tv show was when Prison Break killed Michael (bastards! I will never forgive them for that). I just love Matt so much, and Zach has been consistently astounding, and I really really hope we'll see him again.


I'm going to Avatar tomorrow! (Hopefully. Apparently there's a chance London will get snowed in.)


I almost forgot! Sunny continues to be my favourite new discovery. Charlie's utterly genuis Kitten Mittons pitch made me laugh so hard I cried.
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