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You guys rule.

Aw wow, thanks everyone who gave me a virtual snowflake cookie. My profile page looks marvellous now and my heart is all a-flutter! ♥


in television news...

Loved 30 Rock and Community. The X Factor, on the other hand, can bite me. (I'll watch the final sure, but I'll be drinking heavily through it just to cope. Mark my words.)

Bones, 5.09: The Gamer in the Grease

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but how HOT is Sweets? The scene with that tattooed cutiepie was just amazing - as much as I like Daisy I really wouldn't have been opposed to watching more of those two sexing it up.

Dollhouse, 2.05: The Public Eye & 2.06: The Left Hand

I found both of these episodes really entertaining, but the best thing by far was Enver Gjokaj's uncanny impersonation of Topher. Of all the actors in this show he's one I'd love to see more of.

It was also nice to see Faith and Wesley on the same side (except for that bit when they weren't). Can someone explain something to me though - obviously Rossum got to Perrin because he sold out Madeline at the end, so how did Echo escape?

Also, are the Dollhouse now the goodies? Because that's the impression I'm getting. Suddenly Adele is all fighting for justice and whatnot, which. You know. I have a serious problem with.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 4

omg. LOLOL. The MUSICAL. I may never get over the musical. How are these idiots so lovable?
(Also, I think it's absolutely adorable that Charlie and the Waitress are married in real life. As are Mac and Sweet Dee!)

Parks and Recreation, 2.11: The Fourth Floor

Andy's rampant stupidity kills me. I know he's awful and everything but he's also much, much funnier than Mark.

I love that Leslie is such a kind-hearted and loyal friend - I'm so pleased Tom told her the truth in the end because he can totally trust her. It's funny, in S1 I found Leslie a bit too embarrassing to love unreservedly but now I absolutely adore her. Because the thing is, yes she's clueless a lot of the time but she's actually also quite smart, and she's a staunch feminist (a character trait they make fun of but in a respectful way, which I appreciate), and she's extremely sweet. Highlight for me: Leslie calling the stripper Seabiscuit.
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