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OH GOD I AM SICK OF WRITING ESSAYS. I have another one due in a week and I hate all this stupid pressure. I could be out drinking! But NO. I have to stay in and attempt to do analyses of things no one normal will ever care about. Currently I am attempting to analyse the mise-en-scene in The Bourne Identity. For God's sake. I'm pretty certain I was perfectly happy back in the days when I didn't know what the fuck mise-en-scene meant.

I really need to read more and watch less TV, and I totally will as soon as I'm caught up with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which is quickly becoming one of my favourite shows of all time. My sense of humour + this show? OTP. Well acted, well written absurdity is pretty much the key to my comedy heart, and if it's on the edgy side all the better.

Loving Rihanna's new album. Hating her hair. (I miss this hair.)

One more week to go! Then we have our end of term party. I hope my hot teacher comes.
Tags: music, real life, tv: it's always sunny in philadelphia, uni
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