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Smallville, 9.09: Pandora

So this episode apparently disappointed a lot of you, which I totally get because it was nonsensical etc, but then, you know, this is Smallville. Coherence has never been a priority.

I really enjoyed it, because it was super romantic and I'm only here for the Clark/Lois anyway. The highlight for me was when they started kissing and Clark didn't even hesitate for a moment before attacking the buttons on Lois's blouse. He was all, "Must. Get. Lois. Naked. Asap." There is nothing hotter to me than a horny Clark in charge. Yeah, the fact that Lois remembered the Cloisex in montage is absurd, but that did not stop it being an awesome montage! I think one of you found the sex scene gratuitous? Well I couldn't disagree more. They thought they might die tomorrow! If we were either one of them I think having sex would be a priority.

Not sure I believe that Clark was that much in love with Lois at the end of the last season (when she disappeared) but I'm not complaining because every word out of his mouth with regards to his feelings for her killed me. The romance in this episode was extremely intense and everything I could have hoped for.

Taking Lois's memories away from her was lame. They made a big deal in the future timeline about her going back with her memories intact only to wipe them, which felt like a missed opportunity. I understand that now it's Clark's sole responsibility to stop Zod, but why set something up and raise expectations, only to memory zap her? How typically unimaginative. I would have much preferred Lois to have retained her memories so she and Clark could have worked together to stop Zod, but whatever.

One thing I really didn't like was Clark getting blamed for the apocalypse.

Chloe = pure evil. Y/Y?

ETA. Ooh, I nearly forgot! The last scene where Clark was all -What are we doing? Let's make this official- was perfection. Ack I ship them so hard.
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