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What the what, HIMYM?

Why in God's name did I choose to write an essay on Foucault? *SOB* If you never see me again after this moment it's because I've killed myself. FYI.

In television news, my favourite show at the moment is (gasp!) The Vampire Diaries. I can't get enough of it! It's the perfect combination of cheese, sexiness, jokes, frights and vampires. And you know what, forget what I said before about it not being good. I was talking crazy.

And now, in alphabetical order, comments about some of the shows I'm watching:

30 Rock

Best episode ever? Y/Y?

Bored to Death

Hysterical. <3

I am completely obsessed with Jason Schwartzman. This is freaky because I used to hate him, but Jonathan Ames is a deceptively appealing character: guileless, pathetic, and strangely, sleepily sexy, in a way that creeps up on you slowly but surely. Once in his thrall he is irresistible and all I want to do is watch him, laugh at him and imagine kissing him (I know! I told you it was freaky, but JS is actually a really good screen kisser).

Also, watch this stupendous clip:

Kanye's 'Can't Tell Me Nothing' with Zach Galifianakis


Please give us more Jeff/Annie kissage. Or Jeff/anyone kissage. This show is amazing.

Cougar Town

There's something very wrong with me but I keep downloading this show, watching it and hating it. Okay, it never bores me, but every character needs to kill themselves and I'm not kidding.


I'm one behind but I enjoyed last week's episode, because Artie is a really great singer (loved "Dancing With Myself") and the club's rendition of "Proud Mary" was totally fierce.

How I Met Your Mother, 5.08: The Playbook

I'm not saying this just because I ship them but I sincerely believe they could have got more mileage out of Robin/Barney. They were very funny together and it worked. Splitting them up felt like a cowardly rather than narratively sound decision; as if the creative team were more concerned with giving the audience the "old" Barney -- because Barney is the show's cash cow -- than with what was right for the characters. Why can't Barney be given some actual character development? Now that we've seen him fall in love and be in a relationship, watching him get back up to all his old tricks is disappointing and dull. There's also something about Robin meeting someone new and falling in love in the wake of the breakup that feels off to me. She hated relationships almost as much as Barney and having her meet "Mr Right" straight away disrespects both her fierce independence, and what she had with Barney, which the show seems to imply was an empty, pointless affair, given how quickly both moved on. Why did Robin take longer to get over the break up than Barney? Why is she the one who immediately meets the "love of her life"? Why did Barney not appear to suffer one little bit over losing Robin, reverting back to his former asshole self without barely a pause for breath? Whatevs HIMYM! I still love you but consider me unimpressed by these developments.

Smallville, 9.08: Idol

You know I loved this one. Lois&Clark-centric, the super hot dream sequence, Lois and the shrink, the glasses, the *kiss*. The kiss that made Lois faint because it was that awesome. Yeah, I'm happy with season 9 so far. Keep it up SV!

The X Factor

I've given up on caring about The X Factor although I still half-heartedly watch (without voting!). This is my eternal problem with reality television: the public and their horrible taste and their sexism. I still find it unacceptable that they voted off Miss Frank, and that apparently they think Stacey is both the best female singer and a worthy winner, just because she's amusing. Shit man, I would never buy her album. Her singing is mediocre! Olly better win, and not because he is awesome at singing (he's not) but because he's the best performer by miles. I genuinely understand the dislike of Danyl because he's strangely charmless, but he's the best singer so I hope he at least makes it to the final. That Jedward are the big news this year is a joke.
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