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Slings and Arrows, FNL, White Collar, Mad Men, Smallville and The Vampire Diaries

I feel sad that I will never see another new episode of Slings and Arrows. The last episode made me cry like a baby, and I don't understand why they couldn't have kept on going for years - there are so many Shakespeare plays left to do! (If I had one complaint about season 3 it is that the absolute contempt and loathing for musical theatre on display was just a tad unsubtle.)

Friday Night Lights, 4.02: After the Fall

I'm so happy this show is back and that it's as brilliant as ever. This year they're obviously planning to deliver us a true underdog story -- always irresistible -- and I can't wait to watch Coach turn his ragtag group of no-hopers into football heroes. It's marvellous how fresh they've kept this show, now in its fourth season, because they haven't been afraid to go in a completely different direction, to introduce lots of new characters, and to let beloved characters move on from the show because to have them stay would compromise the integrity of the realistic universe they've established. This is still absolutely the best drama on TV.

White Collar

I'm here for Matthew Bomer and his spectacular wardrobe, and that's about it.

Mad Men, 3.13: Shut the Door, Have a Seat

What a superb season finale. Betty and Don are finally getting a divorce, and although I'm not sold on Betty's new beau, anyone has to be better than Don. I find Don a fascinating character but he's a fucking asshole who's often very hard to like: case in point, the abusive way he treated Betty after he found out about her and Henry. That scene scared the shit out of me because I honestly thought he was going to hit her.

Then he goes and apologises to Peggy and begs her to help him, which doesn't make up for anything really, but it did please me; it did make me think, for a moment, that he's not all bad.

I'm delighted that Joan is back in the picture, and I can only hope they bring back Sal next season.

Smallville, 9.07: Kandor

Yawnsville. I didn't care for this episode and have nothing to say about it, other than: bring back Lois. LOVE the latest casting spoiler though.

The Vampire Diaries, 1.08: 162 Candles

Predictably, I'm fully on Team Damon now. Love him to bits: he's funny, scary, cool, and totally hot. Stefan can also come here to me.
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