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The Vampire Diaries, first 6 eps (sorry I don't have an icon for the show so this will have to do)

First essay submitted!

As it turns out, writing essays is nothing like writing porn.

Vampire Diaries, 1.01-1.06

I’m hooked but not because it’s good.

I’m not particularly enamoured with any of the characters, although I think Paul Wesley is pretty hot (and this is from a woman who did not find Lucas Luthor even a little bit attractive), and Ian Somerhalder, while far too old for the part, is quite entertaining. Sadly Elena doesn’t work for me – she’s pretty, sure, but she’s also bland and unoriginal. I prefer my heroines to be impressive in some way (and no, being a diarist is not impressive), and I especially like it when they’re funny: see Buffy, Veronica, Sydney (who, okay, wasn’t a laugh riot, but at least Jennifer Garner had the ability to do comedy, which cannot be said for Nina Dobrev). Failing that, they at least need to be interesting (I like Bella because Kristen Stewart just has –something- about her). Bonnie is cool though.

My second problem is the central romance, which I will never be invested in, because the star crossed lovers trope only hooks me in if the actors have a lot of chemistry with each other, and Dobrev and Wesley have zilch. The idea of it bores me so the acting and the writing needs to sell it, and VD (haha, this is what I will call the show from now on) falls short in that department. On the other hand, Elena/Damon pushes a lot of my buttons. I doubt I will ever tire of the good girl/bad boy trope – they start out hating each other but the sex part always gets in the way! Swoon!

What I do like is the atmosphere, the cliffhangers, and how surprisingly scary it can be.
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