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The Good Wife (a short rant)

Ugh, I am hungover and I have to go to a compulsory lecture on plagiarism tonight, when I would much rather go home, eat fried food and watch television.

Not The Good Wife though, which I'm sorry to say I find absolutely terrible. (I've watched the first two episodes.) Overblown, overacted, badly scripted melodrama that takes itself too seriously - it already feels embarrassingly dated to me, and I'm disappointed that this is not a more realistic, audacious portrayal of a woman who has spent her adult life being defined by her role as a politician's wife, because that would actually be interesting. Another lawyer procedural, on the other hand, is not. The "girl power!" vibe feels cheesy and empty to me, because I personally believe that drama featuring strong women characters tends to have more (feminist) value if it's honest rather than fantastical. The reason Mad Men is powerful is because it doesn't shy away from human nastiness and yet it rarely feels gratuitous, whereas everything in The Good Wife is over the top, hard to relate to, and difficult to believe. No points.

I like White Collar though, I'm sure you'll all be pleased to hear.

Also, I may drop Dollhouse. It hasn't been all that engaging this season, and after the last episode I have lost all faith that the show is going in a direction I can get on board with.
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