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SV S5 Aqua

Yeah, if you're after intelligent meta, you can get it from ladies like latxcvi  or estrella30  or bop_radar. From me? HAHAHAHAHA.


Let's just forget all about the godawful that was Aquaman and concentrate on the more important shit we got this week, first and foremost in the delectable form of Erica Durance as SUPER HOTTIE OF THE YEAR Lois Lane. Holy mother of God. Am I gay?

Well, no. Because evil!Lex holds the key to my loins. I mean, as y'all know, Onyx pretty much sealed the deal for me and MR does bad so good I pratically had multiple orgasms every time he uttered a line in Aqua. I didn't want that torture scene to end. Seriously.

Also, Clark is so in love with Lex still, it's beautifully painful and is it just me or is Tom Welling getting hotter and hotter? I love him so.

Minimal Clana, yay! Lots of Clois, yay! Clex galore, yay!

James Marsters? pretty interesting so far. YAY!

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