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The X Factor, Live Show 3

I voted for Miss Frank, who were sensational this week, but I also loved Olly and Danyl. Jamie was disappointing, John and Edward were hilarious (I can't lie, they make me laugh my ass off every time), and I really don't care about Lucie. It bugs me that the Xtra Factor panel were all "she's got the best voice in the competition" just because it's big. I actually think Graziella has a better -- and far more interesting -- singing voice, and omg she is an awesome rapper.

Lloyd was awful, Joe has absolutely no sex appeal, Rachel was better this week (although i can't see myself ever voting for her because there will always be people I prefer), and Stacey continues to disappoint me. I think she's safe for now because she has the personality, but if she doesn't step up her game soon she'll be in trouble.

LOLOL Olly walking around in his pants on the Xtra Factor. ♥
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