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Smallville, 9.05: Roulette

I found this episode exceptionally odd. The pacing was off, some of the dialogue was nonsensical, and the interaction between Lois and Clark was unsatisfying. Surely Clois movie night should have been more fun and sexy than that, but Clark just seemed miserable the entire time, and there wasn't even any flirting. I know he wanted to be out saving people, but it would have been nice if he'd taken a little pleasure in Lois's company, and it would have been nicer if the writers had remembered that these two are supposed to be falling in love. Plus, what was with the whole laundry slash shark movie weirdness? That is some wacky characterisation right there, and it didn't work for me at all.

Then there was the scene where Lois watched Ollie's suicide video and then flipped out at Clark, which was one of the most contrived things I've ever seen, although kudos to Erica for acting the shit out of such bogus material.

The highlight for me was Steph Song's Roulette, who was smoking hot and super cool.

Ollie finding himself again was marginally more interesting than I thought it would be, but I'm apathetic about his reawakened interest in Lois. I can't imagine Lois going back to him (and if she does I'll be pissed) so what, Ollie is just going to pine after her? How pathetically dull. I like an Ollie who shags around unrepentantly, and if his "recovery" means he'll stop the womanising I might write a letter of complaint.
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