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Glee, 1.08: Mash-up

Holy crap! I said to someone ages ago that I thought Rachel/Puck would be an awesome ship, and it just became canon! Am I clairvoyant? I think I am!

Puck is the best male singer on the show and he should sing more, and he should kiss Rachel more, and she should absolutely without a doubt let him touch her boobs. The whole world has been over Rachel/Finn for ages, because this show has absolutely no idea how to sustain romantic tension in a pleasurable way. For God sake, they've made Emma unsympathetic. Emma. Who should be very lovable, but how can we feel anything but contempt for her? It's not even as if she *likes* Ken very much. She appears to detest the man! Ugh, what an unbearable storyline. And Rachel and Finn are being kept apart for awful reasons too. I have no interest in seeing Puck and Quinn get together, because I prefer odd couples; I go for unlikely but sizzling. Football players paired up with cheerleader? YAWN. Quinn needs to find herself a nerd.
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