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The X Factor: First live show!


Train wreck.

Kandy Rain

I actually thought they did well: their vocals were way better than I was expecting, and they looked sexy as hell. Louis is probably right that the female population won't like them much but I think the coolest thing about them as how overtly sexy they are.


I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He is amazing and sexy, and he can *dance*, and of course Robbie wants to be friends with him.


Ugh, I want to punch him. He's not a bad singer but he has absolutely no charisma. Simon was totally right when he described him as wet and lacking star quality. I'm so pissed he got through ahead of Ethan.


It's impossible not to love this girl! She's adorable, and a good singer. I'd love to hear her do some country at some point - I think it's a style that would showcase her vocals well.

Miss Frank



Hrm. I'm on the fence about Jamie.


The only boy I can actually stand, although that's not saying much. He'll never get a vote of mine but he doesn't offend me.


Dullsville. I cannot muster up any interest in this girl, although she did look stunning.

John and Edward

LOL. If they survive this week I will be shocked.


Possibly my least favourite contestant. I hate his voice and I hate that he's this year's "one to watch" and I hate that the public are going to think he's great because of that hideous, over-the-top vibrato. Blech.


Fact is, he is leagues ahead of everyone else in this competition. A remarkable performer, a great singer, and he nailed the song. He deserves to go all the way and I voted for him tonight because it's my rule to vote for my favourite performance each week, not necessarily my favourite contestant (which is Ollie). That said, Louis isn't wrong when he says that Danyl has the talent but not the likability: he's not as charming as he needs to be. I think he probably is a nice bloke but there's something a bit irritating about his personality. Still, he's the kind of performer I want to see on this show. Ultimately I don't give a shit about the kind of person you are as long as you can get on stage and blow my mind, which Danyl did tonight.

ETA. Also Danni - WHAT THE FUCK. Why did you make that comment about Danyl's sexuality? That was so bizarrely inappropriate.
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