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Why is Community the best new show this fall?

Community, 1.03: Introduction to Film

1. It's side splittingly funny: Abed is my favourite comic creation of the last year, maybe two. Timing is crucial for any actor, but for the comic actor it's everything, and Danny Pudi has created someone who is both absurd and real. Which is the key, I think, in comedy: to marry those two things seamlessly. Too absurd and you'll alienate your audience, too real and you won't be funny.

2. It's sexy as hell. No it is, really. If you saw this episode you'll know what I'm talking about. Fucking hell Joel McHale is going on my list, and also, he is a very very good screen kisser. So is Gillian Jacobs. (NEW SHIP)

3. It has a diverse cast of ridiculous, fascinating characters, who you care about. And therefore, it is moving. I spent this episode crying with laughter, and then just crying. At episode 3 that's quite a feat: of acting and of writing.

4. Yes, this show is extremely well written, and wickedly intelligent. My favourite kind of social commentary is that which doesn't feel preachy; it just taps into the truth of the matter, in a way that amuses, shocks or moves. See Mad Men, 30 Rock, Modern Family. And please, please see Community.

Smallville, 9.02: Metallo

That's not the end of BAG right? I'm assuming he will come back and he'll be badder than ever! (feel free to spoil me)

Clark is back at the DP! And did you guys see that hug? And more importantly, his SMILE when she started telling him about the Blur? Jeepers people, I don't have a lot of time these days but I may just have to get my porn back on because holy crap. Romance/hotness overload! I just love how happy she makes him. I love that what they have is (mostly) angst free, adult, funny, cute, joyous, and sexy. No ship quite gets me the way they do. It just amazes me that they can be so compelling even though we know they'll get their blissfully happy ending. <3

FlashForward, 1.02: White to Play

Pile of pants. I can't stand the bad dialogue or Joseph Fiennes. I may watch one more episode but if not I doubt I'll be missing very much.

Parks and Recreation, 2.03: Beauty Pageant

Lesley becomes more adorable by the episode. Also, Andy kills me. HE THOUGHT THE NIGHT WENT WELL. ♥

The X Factor, Judges Houses

I don't care about anything as long as Olly gets through. Oh, and Miss Frank, although I'm not so worried about their chances (because they're the only decent group. What happened to the trio of women who sang Toxic in their first audition? How the fuck did they not survive?)

Glee, 1.05: The Rhodes Not Taken

Kristin Chenoweth (and Lea Michele) singing "Maybe This Time" gave me shivers. Fucking awesome.

Mad Men

Joan's not really gone right? Please spoil me if you know either way. (not about plot points, just about whether she's coming back.)

Nothing much else to say right now, in current state of mildly drunken tiredness, other than wow. Show good. Kate in awe.

Oh I'm also loving HIMYM this season!
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