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The X Factor!!!

Oh America, you lucky, lucky people; soon you shall have the X Factor too!

We're down to 24 and I'm psyched about Simon getting the over 25s because they're my favourite category, except that I am really into four of them which means that at least one cannot make it into the final 12.

The Over 25s: Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer, Danyl Johnson, Olly Murs, Daniel Pearce, Nicole Lawrence, Treyc Cohen

Danyl's second audition was disappointing but I'll blame that on poor song choice - he's got great things ahead of him and I can't see him not making the final 12.

Olly is one of my favourites because he's gorgeous and charming and he makes me smile and he's the only contestant I have a bit of a crush on. I'll be devastated if he doesn't get through.

I also really like both Jamie and Daniel, and I'd be sad to see either go. They're both strong singers, and good performers. I'm not a fan of Nicole, who has a tendency to bellow rather than sing, and I can't remember Treyc at all, so don't have an opinion on her. Basically I'm all about the guys in this category.

The Groups: Kandy Rain, Project A, DE-TOUR, Miss Frank, John & Edward, Trucolorz

I LOATHE John & Edward. They are obnoxious little shits who can't sing, and it bothers me that Louis has the groups because he seems to like them, and may well put them through. In which case I can only hope the public hates them as much as I do.

Miss Frank are my favourite in this category. Not sure what her name is but I love the singer who also rapped in their last audition. She's got something about her (and in fact I'm slightly disappointed she's not a soloist, but I guess turning them into a group meant they could keep three good singers rather than one, or even none of them).

The Girls: Stacey Soloman, Despina Pilavakis, Nicole Jackson, Lucie Jones, Rachel Adedeji, Stacey McClean

I didn't like Rachel's first audition but I very much liked her boot camp performance. Not sure what to expect from this category, although I think some of them could end up winning me over.

The Boys: Joseph McElderry, Rikki Loney, Lloyd Daniels, Ethan Boroian, Daniel Fox, Duane Lamonte

Can't stand Joseph, I kind of want to punch Rikki in the face, Lloyd is adorable but not very interesting, Daniel is ugh and just so wrong for this competition, Duane is excellent and I absolutely adore Ethan, who is a gorgeous, sweet, talented honey.

Did any of you watch? Come tell me what you think!

ETA! omg "Modern Family" is genius btw. It made me laugh hysterically.
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