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Smallville, 9.01; Dollhouse, 2.01; Flash Forward, 1.01

Smallville is back!!! In case you were worried rest assured I will definitely not be dropping this silly show.

Smallville, 9.01: Savior

Things I loved...

- Uh, John Corben anyone? Brian Austin Green is absolutely the hottest thing to happen to Smallville since I don't know when, and I love that he seemed to be having so much fun with the role, and that he and Erica totally sizzle together, and that he's actually a really good actor, and that he's in something I watch now that TSCC is over (suck it, One Tree Hill!).

- Lois, for being in love with the Blur, and for being in love with Clark, and for being so hopeful and happy and beautiful and kickass, and such a warm, wonderful presence. ♥

- Clois! Clark couldn't say goodbye to her, because he can't live without her, and he loves confiding in her, and it's just oh so blissfully romantic. OMG WHAT DID HE TELL HER????????????????? The suspense may in fact kill me.

- And of course, Clark, our extremely attractive hero.

Things I didn't love...

- Chloe. :|

- Zod for the most part, although I liked his chemistry with Tess, so I wouldn't be opposed to them fucking.

Dollhouse, 2.01: Vows

I found the Saunders/Topher storyline both compelling and thought-provoking. That Saunders doesn't want to go back to being who she was because she doesn't want to die addresses yet another sticky issue: should each identity taken on by an active have the right to life? The show occasionally attempts to examine the rape aspect of the Dollhouse (even if they're coy about using the word), but what about murder? Are they murdering someone every time they wipe an active? Obviously we're all agreed that the Dollhouse is fundamentally unethical, but it seems that the more layers you peel the more rotten it becomes.

What a pleasure it was to see Jamie Bamber in something other than BSG. Loved him.

The Echo/Ballard relationship interests me because it's really quite skeevy and the show isn't pretending otherwise. Ballard's devotion to Echo is not remotely pure, and Adelle is exploiting his sexual attraction to her, manipulating him with ease, comfortable that he's too honorable to cross the line that Sierra's handler did. Of course, I don't have much confidence that Paul would be able to resist Echo if she (or one of her alters) made the first move.

Flash Forward, 1.01: No More Good Days

Despite the crappy dialogue, the bad American accents, and the rather uninteresting characters, this intriguing show has me gagging for more.

I just wish Oivia wasn't played by Sonya Walger, who seems to pop up in every TV show ever, and who I just dislike as an actress for no reason I can fathom.

LOVE John Cho.
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