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I love Zac Efron

What is it about him?!

I nearly died of happiness when he turned up way too briefly on Entourage from two weeks ago (which I watched last night). It's not his looks I love so much as his vibe. He has wonderful timing, he's totally at ease with being good looking but he doesn't take himself too seriously, and he has incredible presence. He just makes me feel good in the way that a real, pure movie star should. In a way that no one else in Entourage makes me feel, but that's neither here nor there (it's easy tv and I enjoy it but it's pretty obnoxiously bad a lot of the time, and Kevin Dillon is truly not as funny as he or the show seems to think he is).

I know I'm not alone but I also know that a lot of you find Zac totally ick (I used to be one of you! Then 17 Again happened to me and I'll never not love him again).

Do you love Zac Efron?

Yes I love him.
No he is gross.
I don't feel one way or the other about him.

And now for something completely different. What are your thoughts on the following statement made by Fay Weldon:

"Men have difficulties writing about women from the inside out, and can only describe them; and vice versa."

I agree with this statement
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