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Kate's fannish news! A long post.

I now feel that I can post again, because I've replied to comments, and the worst (and by worst I mean busiest) few weeks of work I've ever had are finally over.


Obviously I need to drop some shows, because A) I don't have the same kind of time I used to, B) I am watching a few things that blow and C) I will, as always, pick up a number of new shows this fall, because I'm going to university I'm not having a personality transplant.

So! The first show to go is Gossip Girl, which I've spoken about previously - I haven't watched the first episode and I don't intend to, lest I get sucked in to that stylish black hole of inanity once more. I'm feeling good about this decision.

Next in the crapper is Merlin. Yes I watched the first episode. No I can't believe I made it through the first series. It's so bad it makes Gossip Girl look like The Wire.


On the bright side, The X Factor is very exciting this year - I like a lot of singers from the auditions, although I'd say that overall the boys are more interesting than the girls. There are at least five guys I'm psyched about (no girl has made much of an impression on me), although Danyl, my original favourite from episode 1, is still the one I want to win.


I have fallen hard for Community and recommend you all watch the pilot. It's funny, smart and very, very cool.


The Emmys contain no real surprises so I'm not even going to comment on them except to say Jon Cryer's win is an absolute embarrassment, and the academy should be ashamed of themselves.


Stephanie Zacharek hated Jennifer's Body quite a lot, and she dislikes Megan Fox quite a lot, and I don't really know what to do about that except say that I am still going to see it dagnabit and I hope this will be one of those rare occasions where I disagree with her.

I enjoyed 500 Days of Summer because of the wondrous Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is so charming he makes everyone around him less charming than they otherwise might be. If they ever put him in a film with James McAvoy my head will explode. My main problem with the film was actually that, no matter how much I tried, I couldn't bring myself to like Summer, who I found pretty deeply unappealing from the outset, and who never won me over. Minka Kelly, in her small scene at the end, was an infinitely more likeable presence IMO.


The True Blood finale was boring, but while Eric is in it I will continue to watch.
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