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Greetings earthlings!

Thanks everyone for the birthday messages and your kind encouragement with regards to all the changes I'm making in my life - I am very aware that I'm behind on comments and emails and I'm sorry about that, but I'll get there I promise. A special thanks to patrese1, tyrical and norwich36 for the adorable virtual gifts. And just really, love to you all. ♥

I have excellent news! I am writing this post in bed. ON MY SHINY NEW MACBOOK. Which I might just love more than I've ever loved any man.

I am also really enjoying Glee.

If you didn't all see it coming that the evil wife would lie about not actually being pregnant you clearly don't watch as much television as I do. I don't like her at all, and not because she's evil. Evil characters are great, if the actor playing them is funny (see Jane Lynch omg) and/or charming, but Jessalyn Gilsig is neither (holy crap! She played Tami's sister in Friday Night Lights - I KNEW I recognised her) and I hate her scenes because of that. What I want is for Will to leave her so he can be with his one true love. That's Emma in case you're confused.

I pretty much cannot get enough of watching Rachel perform. She's astoundingly good. Of all the fantastically great numbers I think "Push It" is my very favourite (so far) because it made me cry with laughter AND it was absurd and cute and sexy (in a totally sweet and wholesome way).

The show is an appropriately joyful experience, but it also has an edge that really works for me: for instance, Emma's mild response to Rachel's confession that she doesn't have a gag reflex was, "That'll be useful when you're older," which naturally wins for best line of the episode. Did I mention that Emma is the bees knees?
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