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Greetings from New Zealand.

I'm finding it cold here. It's really warm outside, but my parents house is like an icebox. I miss central heating.

The wedding was excellent, although I was so jetlagged I had to leave before it turned into carnage. Two of the boys ended up in hospital - one had a dance floor accident which resulted in an enormous shiner, the other simply fell over whilst standing and cracked his head. LOL. Idiots.

I'm doing nothing but relaxing, and trying to recuperate. I am not keeping up with any of my TV, and I'm barely looking at the internet, but I am watching plenty of stuff. I discovered that my awesome mother bought Slings and Arrows season one, on the strength of me telling her it was really good even though I'd never seen it, and we are both totally in love with it. We're four episodes in. Paul Gross is *amazing*. And why did no one tell me Rachel McAdams was in it! She's like totally one of my favourite actresses!

Also, I brought Veronica Mars season one to show my mother. We're four episodes into that also, and Mum called Logan "the creepy one", and I was all, "JUST YOU WAIT. Everyone falls for Logan." And she was all, "I'd be very surprised" and now I'm slightly concerned because what if she never stops finding him creepy? I'd probably have to divorce her.

And now I'm going to finish my book.
Tags: actor: paul gross, real life, tv: slings and arrows, tv: veronica mars
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