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This is my 1200th post.

Congratulations to me!

Zac Efron? I am on board that train, finally, because while High School Musical makes me want to stab myself in the forehead, "17 Again" rocked my freaking socks off. It was like, oh dear God how charming and funny can this kid BE? Please gtfo Matthew Perry! You were never as pretty as Zac, and he will hopefully age a lot better than you did! Okay, the plot was lamecore, but the execution was generally good, especially all the scenes featuring Zac and Leslie Mann (disturbingly hot), and the very funny Thomas Lennan, as Ned. Is Zac truly that awesome with a basketball or was that scene in the lunch hall cgi'd?

He's not on my lust list though, because that would be creepy.

My current top six:

1. Damian Lewis
2. Jason Dohring
3. Tom Welling
4. Joseph Gordon Levitt
5. Alexander Skarsgård
6. James McAvoy

Tags: actor: zac efron, boys, film
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