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Weeds, 5.05: Van Nuys

Oh Nancy. Why choose the gross, murderous, gangster politician, when you can have the lovely, gentle, funny Andy? WHYYYY?

I can't tell you how much I loathe Esteban. To the point where this particular story arc is really starting to bother me, especially now that Nancy has decided to move in with him. This is not just a questionable choice on Nancy's part, it's a nonsensical choice, and one that seems geared towards placing Nancy in an even more impossible situation, for the sake of the drama, but at the expense of the character. I'm not sure I think it's *out* of character, per se, but I'm finding it hard to stomach seeing Nancy pick a man who would have killed her had she not been pregnant with his child, and who recently raped her. Yes, she's prone to making awful choices, but this takes the fucking cake. (Not that I thought she'd ever run off with Andy, of course. Perhaps she'll be allowed that kind of happiness when the show ends?)

On the bright side, Justin Kirk's performance in the episode was perfection. The early scene in the clinic where he prattled on about abortions (what did he call it - "abobo"?) made me cry with laughter. Given that abortion is one of the dirtiest words in America, and that it's barely even mentioned in mainstream entertainment as an option for girls and women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant -- despite the fact that it's possibly the most common elective minor surgery in the country -- I will always appreciate a show that acknowledges the normality of it while not putting forth an ethical argument against it. The "it's not a baby yet" line made me smile a lot.

And obviously I'm really pleased Andy's feelings for Nancy are not one-sided. I think they're great together, and I don't mind that they're delaying the inevitable relationship, because we've got years before the show ends and when they make a go of it I want it to be for permanent.

Silas is cool now! I actually am really loving both the boys, but Doug can fuck off.


I also watched the "10 Things I Hate About You" pilot.

Being such a huge fan of the movie this was always going to be a hard sell, but I think Lindsey Shaw and Ethan Peck are well cast as Kat and Patrick, and Dana Davis as Chastity is pretty funny. Nicholas Braun will never ever ever compare to Joseph Gordon Levitt (♥), of course, and really, the show can never compare to the film because the film is a Classic (yes it is don't argue with me). Whatevs, I'll still watch, for a while at least, and hopefully it'll become more original and interesting as it progresses.
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