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Yesterday I watched two terrible movies:

"Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" because it's Megan Fox's first film. Avoid like the plague. It's like, you think with a title like that it would be passably amusing, mindless fun, but in reality it's deeply unfunny, mindless drivel. I WANT MY TWO HOURS BACK. (Megan was cute though.)

Then I watched "Pulse" because I'm a Kristen Bell fangirl who apparently must watch every shitty film she's ever made (including "Fanboys") even though I'm not like that. Normally I don't care enough about actors I like to watch their suckiest endeavours, and actually, I will never ever watch Kristen's episodes of Heroes so maybe I haven't changed after all and I was only bored. "Pulse" was kind of awesomely bad though, in that I found it highly entertaining (and quite scary in places!) even while it was being embarrassing.


I am working my way through Catherine Breillat's oeuvre, because I love her take on male/female relationships and that her films often feature explicit sex: in fact, "Romance" and "Anatomy of Hell" both star porn legend Rocco Siffredi, and yes, we do get to see plenty of his magnificent, hard penis, which Breillat clearly admires greatly. Now, this is a man who also stars in a series of pornos called "Animal Trainer", which are as brutal and misogynistic as they sound (I watched part of one a few years ago and found it traumatising) so I never imagined I would find him attractive, but in Breillat's films he's interesting and sexy (although his French accent is horrific).


"Anatomy of Hell" got dire reviews but I found it riveting. The story is simple: a depressed, beautiful woman pays a handsome gay man to spend four nights watching her. She is naked for most of the film, and he is naked for some of it. Among the things they discuss is the female body and man's fear and hatred of it, all while he looks at her body, and her genitals, in all their frightening, feminine, hairy glory. In doing so she creates an intimacy with him that he never imagined possible, and he grows more and more attracted to her. In one shocking scene, she pulls a bloody tampon out of herself, drops it in a glass of water and then they take turns drinking the murky, pink liquid. It's both nauseating and erotic, and I shall never, ever forget it.

Next on the list: "Fat Girl" (or "A Ma Soeur!") which I hear is even more provocative and disturbing than "Anatomy of Hell". WOOT.
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