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Holy God, the shit I get up to just to avoid work.

It's *unbelievable*.


So I'm looking through my icons and I'm all, huh, I wonder how many Clark/TW, Lex/MR, Clex/TWMR icons I have and what it will all mean when I find out.

Lex/MR: 12
Clark/TW: 8
Clex/TWMR: 7

So does this mean that:

A) I love Lex more than I love Clark.
B) I love Clark just as much, I just haven't found all the right Clark icons yet.


C) I have got to get a new life ASAP.

Oh, and check out my sexy new icon by elli . *points* Question: How fucking HOT is Lex when he's angry? Answer: REALLY FUCKING HOT.

Tags: random, stupid, tv: smallville
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