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Une vieille maîtresse

Have any of you seen Catherine Breillat's arresting and unforgettable "The Last Mistress"? If not, you should.

I adored it. The central relationship, between Vellini and Ryno, has got everything I love best: passion, hate, devotion at the expense of everything and everyone else, fun, cruelty, helplessness; it's epic, deeply sexual, and dangerous. (Thinking on it, they remind me a lot of Veronica and Logan.)

The way Breillat trains the camera on the exquisite Fu'ad Ait Aattou (who plays Ryno) is almost perverse. It's not that I find myself particularly sexually attracted to him, it's that he's so phenomenally beautiful that anyone with eyes, male or female, would enjoy gazing at him all day, and Breillat clearly understands this (seriously, she makes love to him with the camera). And then there's Asia Argento's Vellini, whose raw, untamed sexuality practically leaps out of the screen and eats you whole.

Cats are stupid!

I love all the outraged comments at the bottom. "BUT MY CAT OPENS DOORS AND IS THEREFORE A GENIUS". LOL.


H&M are collaborating with Jimmy Choo!!! This excited Sharan and me so much that we put the date in our diaries (14 November) and we're planning to get up early, queue for ages, buy some shoes and then spend the day drinking bubbly.
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