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True Blood, 2.01: Nothing But the Blood

True Blood is back!

The plot

So Sookie is having doubts about her relationship with Bill because he sometimes kills people, but this is resolved when he tells her he isn't sorry and that he loves her. Okay! I guess it's easy to forgive him in these two instances because the girl he killed is now undead and the man he killed fiddled with Sookie when she was wee so he pretty much had it coming.

Jason is now a crazy Christian (LOL), the fundies are clearly Bad Guys (how original!), Tara's psycho mother still believes despite all evidence to the contrary, Tara has a new, dishy boyfriend, Maryann is Very Intriguing, and Sam used to be a naked thief.

Eric is holding people prisoner in the grimmest looking dungeon in the known universe, and eating them when they don't admit to killing his vamp friends, all while remaining very sexy!

The characters

I go off and on most of the main characters but I do adore Lafayette (he lives!!!) and Maryann is my new favourite: I love that she *seems* quite evil but if you're on her side she's totally sweet to you (unless you're her manservant who she beats up if he gets in the way of all the hedonism).

Bill cracks me up because he's so polite and uptight and Jessica looks to be a great foil for him.

Jason is a total moron but he's very entertaining.

I sometimes like Sookie, I very rarely like Tara (she'd stand a better chance with me if I didn't find her speaking voice grating because I do think she's an interesting character), Sam is kind of wet and boring, and Sheriff Bud is awesome.

Bill and Sookie

I found their sex scenes last season very erotic but the one in the final scene of "Nothing But the Blood" felt a little bit been there done that. Of course, I had to turn it off every time Suz's parents -- who are staying with us this week -- walked into the room (this show is not parents friendly) so I never got the chance to fully get into it. My point is, do I care that much about Bill and Sookie's epic love for one another?


Bring on Eric, I say. He needs to be in it much more this season, and if he steals Sookie away from Bill I would not be sad.
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