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I'm going to talk about my hair now. Plus photos!

See, I've wanted to get a fringe for years because I feel I have the right shaped face for one, but my hair is very odd and I've always been told by hairdressers that it's a bad idea, mostly because it would require daily maintenance. Understandably this put me off, because I am a low maintenance kind of gal who spends a maximum of five minutes getting ready every day.

Then I got these amazing Corioliss hair straighteners, which have totally changed my life. I can tame my hair within minutes, and if I spend a little longer on it I can create curls that actually keep their shape if I wear my hair down. So with this in mind it seemed like a good time to try out a fringe.

My plan today was to have a consultation, and the first hairdresser I went to wasn't crazy about the idea, because of something to do with my widow's peak and how my hair lifts up at the hairline, which is apparently not normal. Still, she said if I was willing to maintain it every day I could get one, so I booked an appointment for a full haircut this Friday. Then Sharan was all, "Let's pop into another salon and get a second opinion. You know, just to see what they say."

The hairdresser was called Emily and she was this gorgeous, bubbly kiwi girl who I instantly fell for, and she checked out my hair and was like, "Yes, because of your two cowlicks and your widow's peak it's going to look awesome." Which was exactly the answer I wanted! Next thing I know she's got her scissors out and I'm like, "Are you going to do it now?!!!!" And there was much squealing and laughter and me talking in a high pitched voice about how I totally wasn't ready but MAYBE I SHOULD, and Sharan was all "DO IT."

So we did it! And I am very happy with the results! Although my forehead feels very hot.

Before you look at the pictures, please bear in mind that I didn't do my hair prior to taking them, and I think I can get it looking a lot better when it's down then it looks here. I'm quite digging how it looks in a ponytail though.

Fringe 05

Fringe 01

Fringe 03
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