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Where I'm at.

Movies seen recently:

1. Stardust: Absolutely brilliant!
2. Choke: Diverting but forgettable!
3. Repulsion: Gave me nightmares!

My shoes still haven't arrived. >:(

My Veronica/Logan fic that no one will read is coming along nicely.

I watched the VM extras on Sunday. The season 4 presentation was weird because it didn't feature Logan, Keith or Wallace. Was Rob Thomas planning on doing S4 without them?

I'd be keen to read some T:TSCC fic. My pairing preferences are John/Cameron and Sarah/Derek. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good fic? Or even better, good rec pages?

I don't think I can properly express how erotic I find John's sexual attraction to Cameron. I love how totally disturbing and wrong it is, and I love how subtly it was handled in the show. Other than in that scene in the finale, of course. Which made me spontaneously combust.

Sarah/Derek I like even though there's absolutely no canonical evidence that they are attracted to each other. Even so, I can easily believe they are and are just repressing it.

I'm thinking of getting a fringe. Or bangs, for the Americans in the audience.
Tags: film, real life, tv: t:tscc, tv: veronica mars
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