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Drabbles, Veronica Mars, 30 Rock, Terminator, Star Trek and Twighlight

Real life has been sucking quite a bit recently but I'm only going to talk about nice things.


mahaliem's drabble contest is closed, but if you haven't read them yet you absolutely should because they're all great. Thank you to the one person who voted for mine! :P In case you're wondering, it's this one:

You have your hair cut short like a boy’s one Tuesday afternoon, just for the hell of it. You wonder why part of you hopes he hates it.

“Wow, Lois,” he exclaims when you walk into the office wearing a calf length, steel grey, figure-hugging dress, cinched at the waist with a wide belt, fierce six inch heels, and an expression of nonchalance. “Nice dress.”

You can’t help laughing; he was funnier than he usually is, damn him. Then you catch him grinning at you with an appreciative look in his eyes and you feel relieved, because you’re still special.


My parents are officially 30 Rock fans. I gave them the first season as a present and Mum just emailed me saying:

"Thought you would be pleased to hear that I have just bought the second season."

Yes indeed Mother! This pleases me greatly!


Star Trek

I saw it! Liked the film, LOVED Chris Pine's Captain Kirk. Could not get enough of that action. He is funny and sexy and heroic and sexy. If I were to ship anyone it would definitely not be Kirk/Spock (sorry, but I will never find Quinto attractive even though I thought he made a pretty great Spock), and Spock/Uhura is excruciatingly boring, so it's got to be Kirk/Uhura for me. Are there fics?



Amazingly sexy for a pro-abstinence fable. Examining the subtext in too much depth would probably enrage me, but I found it highly enjoyable. Kristen Stewart is excellent, and while Robert Pattinson might not be the greatest actor on the face of the planet, he's undeniably dreamy. I will not be reading the books, but I imagine I will be seeing the sequel.


Veronica Mars, Season 3

I have finished and I really loved it and I can't believe my wonderful show was cancelled so prematurely.

I'm guessing watching it once a week was frustrating for a lot of you, but mainlining it the way I did meant the misuse of main characters (Wallace being mostly pointless for instance) didn't bother me too much, and very little actively offended me. Yeah I was temporarily disgusted by the revelation that not just one woman faked being raped (which I'm fine with), but a group of (supposed) feminists faked more than one rape (which I'm not fine with at all), but by the next episode the spotlight was back on the actual rapists and I was able to get over it.

I found Piz extremely likeable throughout. See, I'm not a person who has a problem with the Love Interest character. Every hero has to have at least one love interest, probably several, and as love interests go, Piz is pretty great: he's sweet, funny and suitably head over heels. He and Veronica don't have the spark that Veronica and Logan have, but I believe that's the point. He is Riley to Logan's Spike.

The ending was kind of... perfect. It left me with the sense that while the show is over Veronica and co's lives go on, perhaps in an alternative universe where the general public doesn't ignore all the best television. This commenter from Salon puts it well:

In its way, it was the perfect noir finish--the detective, having suffered a personal affront, jumps into the heart of a storm in her quest for justice/revenge. In the end, her actions failed to up-end the criminal power structure--they only reminded the high muckety-mucks that there's one person they cannot mess with, ever--but the price of her work is that several people she cared about got hurt (Wallace, Logan, Piz, Parker, Keith).

And at the last, the detective, finally understanding the consequences, walks away in the rain.

Oh, and interestingly, remember how I was recently mad at an author for spoiling me despite her header claiming there were no spoilers in the fic? Yeah, it wasn't a spoiler, it was something she made up. Which means she doesn't suck but maybe I do.


Finally, I'm 10 episodes into season 2 of T:TSCC and I'm absolutely loving it now. Shirley Manson is just...so awesomely creepy.
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