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I came home tipsy and watched three episodes of Veronica Mars. :D!

3.08: Lord of the Pi's

I'm going to make a cup of tea, purge my brain, and watch the next episode, which better not be offensive.

3.09: Spit & Eggs

Much, much better. Veronica in peril is always a tense experience, and I found the conclusion to the rape case satisfying enough. Outrageous and entertaining even. Best bit was Logan getting himself arrested just so he could be in a cell with Mercer and Moe. Ooh do I love me some angry, righteous Logan spoiling for a fight. JUSTICE.

I adored the break up, I must say. I love that it was Logan who did it and I love that Veronica bawled her eyes out over it. Don't know why I have such a thing for seeing them suffering because of each other, but I do.

By the by, I suspect that Rob Thomas's dream woman is a very cool number; her walls are up, she's got a mouth on her, she's gorgeous and feisty, she's smarter than you are, you're never quite sure how she feels about you, but you are sure you'll never be able to control her. If you don't believe me, watch Party Down, and get to know the divine Casey. I'm telling you! He's got a type.

The Dean is dead! What fun! I didn't love him quite enough to care, so now I'm just really psyched about the new murder plot.


3.10: Show Me The Monkey

AHAHA! They're back together already, but probably not for long and I don't even care, because when they make up it is HOT.

I really can't blame Logan at all for getting a meaningless blowjob from some random. The dude was grieving and life without Veronica sucks. No pun intended!

What else happened? Mac has a new boyfriend, Parker continues to be delightful, Piz is rather pathetic, the murder plot is interesting.

I'm going to bed.
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