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Veronica Mars, 3.07: Of Vice and Men

Don't mind me, apparently I'm going to post about every single episode!

Not my favourite. It's just not in my nature to be judgemental about people behaving like normal human beings, even if what they're doing is considered "wrong"; I'm a diplomatic kinda gal, particularly with regards to matters of the heart, so I found myself unable to respect or be patient with Veronica's refusal to try and understand Keith's situation (or Logan's). I'm also of the opinion that love doesn't come around very often, and the older you get the rarer it is, so if two lonely people in their forties fall in love then they should find a way to be together. Clearly I'm more of a romantic than Veronica is. I can see that this is the sort of behaviour that turned some people off the character after season one, and I do get that because it's not an especially admirable side of her, but I don't find it *out* of character, and I do find it interesting. I've never expected my heroes to be perfect and Veronica's rigid set of ethics and major trust issues are all just part of the cute, brainy, blonde, complicated package.

So she doesn't love Logan enough to put her faith in him, huh? OUCH. Pfft, I don't know whether I'll take that at face value or not; I mean, she's not always the most reliable narrator, and her latest client did just presumptuously point out that Veronica had never been in love so couldn't possibly understand blind, dumb, naive trust, AND she was feeling majorly let down by Logan because of the whole fire in Mexico thing (again, he acted like a human being! And she was overly judgemental/lacking in empathy I thought), so I can accept that she doesn't love him to the max right now. That said, love is not *just* about trust. It can also be about really great sex.

I wouldn't be opposed to them breaking up soon actually -- I'm ready for a new dynamic, fresh emotions, less of Veronica wishing Logan were a better person, more of Logan being snarky. Don't worry I'm not holding my breath; I was warned that Logan spends much of the season moping over Veronica, but on the bright side, the future fic I started writing (which I'll continue once I've finished season 3) still works! Yay?

OH GOD. The rapist got to her. D: I can't believe she didn't figure out she'd been drugged while she was still surrounded by people (it was pretty obvious!) but then Logan wouldn't have been able to find her and take her home so I'll let it pass.
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