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Veronica Mars Season 3!

Okay, I started it because I couldn't wait another second (the reason it took me so long is because I didn't have any dvds to burn it onto and I wanted to watch it on TV, not my computer, for couch comfort and whatnot, but I got some dvds yesterday and that's when I caved, gave up on season 2 of TSCC, which I'm 5 episodes into, and it's not bad! But it's not Veronica Mars. The new plan: watch Veronica Mars season 3, go into mourning, then get back into TSCC, which apparently is about to get much less boring).

3.01: Welcome Wagon

Well, I really like Piz. What can I say, I'm a sucker for big dorks! I know he is Veronica's new romantic interest this season - I'm not very spoiled but I've picked up a few things here and there, like the on-off nature of Veronica and Logan, so I figure, why not get on board with that from the get go? It would be stupid if they were in a happy relationship for twenty whole episodes. I didn't sign on for Veronica and Logan being blissfully happy all the time, I signed on for them being hot all the time.

THEY HAD SEX! Le sigh. And it was so good Veronica told Logan he should consider going pro, and they were both flushed and shining with sweat which was awesome, and while yeah okay, I would have preferred to see the before as well as the after (and the during! If only VM were an HBO show), I'm pretty delighted that they actually got to fuck. Because I was scared that one of the reasons people were pissed about the third season is because they never fucked. I was scared about that. But now I can relax and die happy because no matter what comes next, they fucked, Logan is a legendary lay, and Veronica will never have it so good with anyone else.

3.02: My Big Fat Greek Rush Week

Not that I'm complaining but why did Logan streak through that class at the end? I'm both delighted and confused.

Logan is the best prisoner ever. I'd like to keep him prisoner.

Parker is really sweet. I can't tell from the new-fangled credit sequence (:/) if she's one of the new main characters (I'll look harder next time) but I hope so because I like her a lot, and I want to see her get over being raped and become a happy, bouncy person again. Mac did the right thing by telling her to stay; I was glad Mac actually got over her inability to talk to the girl and reach out to her like Parker so clearly needed.

Shame about Veronica ruining the cancer lady's life -- and personally I could never condone grassing up someone for growing weed -- but she wasn't to know the weed was being used for medicinal purposes (even so, there's just no excuse for what she did. Bad Veronica!). At least she realised the error of her ways I suppose. But wait, isn't medical cannabis legal in California? Why does the house mother even need to grow her own, and why grow that much? I smell a rat.

Veronica and Logan are still together! And they are star crossed!

I'm so happy.

3.03: Witchita Linebacker

Hi Weevil!

I find Veronica very interesting. She's not a demonstrative lover, prone more to sarcasm and wise-cracks than to cuddles and sweet nothings, but she is most definitely needy and possessive. Tracking devices in Logan's phone and car? Horrendously bad decisions, but with a boyfriend that unpredictable I can sympathise. Don't get me wrong, I love Logan more than is healthy, but he's not exactly available to Veronica as often as he might be, and personality-wise it could be argued that they're not particularly suited. What do they have in common other than their love for each other? And their tumultuous past?

Conflict between them is inevitable, and yet they always seem to find a way to make up, because they are epic.

I still like Piz, although I presume that won't last.

3.04: Charlie Don't Surf

So Logan has a brother, who seems like a sweet guy. That's cool, and completely believable. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if Logan had half siblings all over the world.

I very much agree with Veronica's position on clearing innocent people of rape, even when those innocent people are sexist dickwads.

Loved the chemistry between Keith and Harmony, but he is far too principled to seduce a married woman, even if that married woman is into him and also dying to get out of her marriage. I hope to see her again, because she is very cool, because I love Laura San Giacomo, and because Keith needs some action.

Four episodes in and Logan and Veronica are still together! I can't believe some of you people suggested I not watch season 3.

3.05: President Evil

Veronica's getting closer to the rapist, I can just feel it.

3.06: Hi, Infidelity

GO KEITH. You bad, bad man. I can't blame you one bit though, and actually I'm really psyched about this plot development, because Harmony's back and I'm happy to see her! (And it was kinda hot when Keith barged in to her hotel room and ravished her.)

Logan has a big secret: he's Mercer's alibi for one of the rapes but he can't tell Veronica what they were doing that night.

FYI, as I do this it's my policy to write only my reactions to what I've seen, and to (try and) avoid speculation, because everyone reading this already knows what's to come and if I'm like, "I hope this happens, I hope that doesn't happen" you could be all, "oh no! This doesn't happen, and that DOES! I feel bad for Kate." And I don't want you feeling bad for me. Nor do I want you to worry about confirming or denying anything I say.

So with that out of the way, I'm not going to try and guess what Logan might have been up to that he can't tell Veronica about. Except that even though the title of this episode makes me nervous I'm quite sure he wasn't, like, having sex with Mercer (or anyone else) behind Veronica's back, because Logan is a lot of things but he's not a dirty cheat. Dammit. Whatever, it's a fact that Logan only has eyes for Veronica, whereas I'm sensing that Veronica isn't totally objecting to Piz's obvious and huge crush on her. What's wrong with Parker, Piz? She's no Veronica Mars but she is gorgeous and sweet and you could do a lot worse.

I like how possessive V&L are, and how they're always telling everyone that they're together in a kind of "keep your mits off" way.

It has to be said, after watching Dollhouse, which I'm pretty sure doesn't use the word "rape" at all in the first season despite it being a *major* theme, I find it quite refreshing how often it's said in Veronica Mars. Season three is as blunt, brazen and unsentimental as ever, there's no pussy footing about what's going on, there are plenty of people in the VM universe who don't take it seriously, who even make "rape jokes", and that works for me.

No more Mars tonight unfortunately, because we have guests, one of whom is a small and very cute baby, and also because it is Lost night! The last two episodes are playing on Sky and the entire house is very excited. But Kirsty is away all next weekend, so I intend to finish VM then, and also watch as many as possible during the week. Shit, when am I going to find time for Prison Break?
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