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Smallville, 8.22: Doomsday. (A rant.)

I cannot decide which was worse: The Smallville finale or the Bones finale?

Worst ever.

Bones, season 4 finale
Smallville, season 8 finale

I'm off work, sick as a dog, but Smallville managed to make my headache even worse, because what an unbelievably appalling piece of shit excuse for a season finale THAT was.

I really love Lois and Clark, and they are the only reason I watch the show: I love them separately but I REALLY love them together, and the highlight of "Doomsday" for me, Lois's beautiful hair aside, was their phone call with each other, which highlights exactly why she needs to be the leading lady next year, why the show needs to focus entirely on their budding romance, and why pretty much every other character on the show can fuck off.

My second favourite scene was when Clark told Jimmy the truth, which brought a tear to my eye - it was moving, sweet and perfect.

Everything else? FAIL.

A list of things I hated:

1. Jimmy died and it wasn't even sad. I was yelling at the screen, "OH GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. YOU CAN'T KILL JIMMY OLSEN."
2. But of course, Jimmy wasn't the real Jimmy. They're replacing him with his little brother, who will presumably grow up to question why his parents called them both Jimmy (or he'll change his name to Jimmy because his real name is Sue).
3. The writers appear to think that Chloe is a hero, even though she actually belongs in prison for being an accessory to countless murders, for murdering someone herself, and for essentially being responsible for Jimmy's death, for Clark hating humans, for Lois disappearing, for EVERY FUCKING THING THAT WENT WRONG, and for just in general being a fucking douchebag. Oh my God, the rage. I hate this show so much right now.
4. Chloe survived.
5. Ollie etc being unforgivably stupid and turning on Clark for no good reason.
6. Tess being crazy. I like Cassidy Freeman a lot (and I find her really attractive) but I'm struggling to like Tess.
7. The horribly intrusive score. Something I notice on a regular basis with Smallville but it *really* bugged me today. This show has no respect for silence (or for the dialogue, although that I can understand) and how it can be used effectively. The blaring orchestral music is so unsubtle that I'm always *noticing* it, and that's a bad thing.

Ugh. But at least it wasn't the Bones finale.
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