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Swine flu.

I was busy all weekend so haven't seen Smallville or Party Down yet, and when my head isn't so full of cold I may come back and talk about the Dollhouse finale, which I thought was good, although not as good as the previous episode. I'm hoping for renewal but preparing myself for bad news.


30 Rock, 3.21: Mama Mia

Mama Mia might be one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life but I loved this episode! It's always nice to see Alan Alda, and I thought that Tracy's "son" was hysterically funny. I particularly loved the way he scammed Kenneth so shiftily -- it was perfectly absurd.


Bones, 4.25: The Critic in the Cabernet

It seems I'm shipping Booth and Brennan again, because during every ridiculous scene where they discussed Brennan's baby I just wanted them to forget the insemination idea and agree to have sex instead.

Booth's hallucinations have annoyed me more than amused me, and Stewie was no different (anyone else get the impression that Boreanaz is just a really big fan of Family Guy and the whole tumour plot was contrived as a way to bring Stewie on the show?), yet I found Brennan's insistence that something was wrong with Booth dramatically effective; the way she said, "Trust me" really got to me, as did the last few scenes in the hospital, especially Sweets being all, "My friend is sick and I can't deal with it" which may have made me weep a teeny bit. And then, just before Booth was taken into the OR I was worried and upset and I really wanted Brennan to give him a quick snog for luck.


Lost, 5.15: Follow the Leader

Um, what? All this time travel malarkey is getting on my nerves. My favourite characters are Richard and Ben, because Richard is spookily attractive and mysterious, and Ben is funny as hell. Jack is still an enormous douchebag except now he's not even hot anymore so I'm not sure he's got much going for him. If I were Kate (and I am) I'd have a threeway with Sawyer and Juliet.


Lie To Me, 1.12: Blinded

No fair casting Daniel Sunjata as the psychopath in this episode. I'm not accustomed to finding rapists who blind their female victims unspeakably attractive but come ON. The man is sex appeal personified! I just, I think it was a terrible idea casting a guy that beautiful as such a repugnant man and yet I enjoyed every second of his performance. He's so hot. I really need to catch up on Rescue Me.

Delighted that Mekhi Phifer has been added to the cast.


Life, Season 2

While the last few episodes watched (I'm up to about #17) have been pretty poorly written and I'm not quite as impressed with the show as I was in S1, I am sad beyond belief that the show got cancelled because I love Charlie and Dani so much. I still can't get over how well Damian Lewis wears clothes.


Prison Break, 4.20: Cowboys and Indians

I have NO IDEA HOW MICHAEL IS GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS ONE. He can't choose between Sarah and Linc! That's an impossible choice! God Michael's mother is an evil beeotch. So is the General.
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