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How I Met Your Mother, 4.22: Right Place Right Time

Hands up who wasn't particularly thrilled to see Stella again. My main problem with her is that she isn't funny - which is sad because Sarah Chalke is good in Scrubs (not that Scrubs makes me laugh much; it's too self-consciously wacky for my tastes) - but I also have a problem with the way the episode was framed to make it seem like she and Ted are destined to get back together. In fact, the whole episode (wrong coloured umbrella aside) left me fearing that Stella is the mother! Thinking on it, she can't possibly be (RIGHT?), so I can only hope that Ted was ecstatic about running into her because it sets off a chain of events that eventually lead him to the right woman.

That aside, I loved Marshall and his charts more than life itself, and I like seeing Barney pining after Robin, but I'm starting to miss Lily a lot. The show feels imbalanced without her.
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