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DW, Dollhouse, Party Down and Smallville

With regards to Dreamwidth:

Livejournal will remain my main journal and I will not cross post. Dreamwidth is my back up journal, but I may occasionally post there, and I suppose it could take over as my main journal if fandom does eventually migrate. I will read both friendslists, but depending on how annoying I find it, I may have to unsubscribe from everyone who is crossposting (while still leaving you with access to me). I won't be deciding anything yet though - I'll see how it goes.


Dollhouse, 1.11: Briar Rose

I am so glad I wasn't spoiled for THAT. Freaking awesome.


Party Down, 1.07: Brandix Corporate Retreat

I've been trying for days now to make myself a decent Party Down icon (or ten) but my photoshop fu is weak and finding tutorials that work with the same colour palette as the show and produce icons I like the look of is turning out to be impossible. But it will happen! And in the meantime I'm learning a lot about photoshop.

I just can't get over how well written this show is - and how, even though it's a comedy that often reduces me to hysterics, it feels so honest and true, with characters that behave and talk like real people. The dialogue is incredibly witty, often absurd, but the brilliance of it is that it sounds completely natural.

It is not possible for me to love Casey and Henry any harder - everything that happened between them in this episode was perfection: from Henry being jealous -- because he is already totally in love with her and isn't capable of pretending otherwise -- to Casey telling him to go fuck himself because she'll hang out with whoever she wants. I loved it because while Casey might be the one insisting on keeping things casual she really likes Henry, evidenced by how bothered she was when she realized he was upset with her, and by the fact that she didn't even consider sleeping with Rick Fox.

Originally I feared that Ron would be another David Brent-type boss who made me cringe more than laugh, but I actually find him incredibly sympathetic: yes he's pathetic and yes he does tend to make embarrassing blunders, but Ken Marino plays him as a sweet natured man whose cheeriness is forced; he's sad and lonely but he's also desperate for his life to be better and will do whatever (he thinks) it takes to make it happen. There's an innate likeability about him, which makes it easy to believe that while his employees have no real respect for him they do actually like him.

This is by far one of the best shows on TV at the moment.


Smallville, 8.20: Beast

I have very little to say about "Beast". radioreverie says it all here, and I agree with everyone who found Chloe's behaviour to be totally fucking insane and reprehensible. Davis belongs in the phantom zone, Ollie is a tool, Clark is made of pure, undiluted awesome, and this show badly needs Lois.
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