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30 Rock, Dollhouse, Life, Party Down, Smallville and Jason Dohring.

30 Rock, 3.19: The Ones

Farewell forever Salma Hayek! You are very beautiful and nice but a total comedy void. I will not miss you at all.

I have to say, I really didn't think much of this episode - I barely cracked a smile, which kind of scared me. Next week better be hilarious.


Dollhouse, 1.10: Haunted

I knew it would be difficult following an episode like "Spy in The House of Love", and "Haunted" didn't have nearly the same impact, but the concept was great and it did contain some killer scenes, the most disturbing (and erotic) being Ballard having violent sex with Mellie. Good God. Tahmoh did an incredible job here - his self hatred was palpable, but I think what I found most chilling was the fact that he clearly no longer thinks of Mellie as a person to be respected - he now sees her as a Doll, and he seems to feel more free to treat her in ways that are more about want than about what's right. It's a bold piece of characterisation, and entirely believable. His path might be more righteous than the people he's trying to bring down, but he's not incapable of succumbing to temptation, especially when it's laid out on a platter for him. He's only human, after all.


Life, Season 2

Damian Lewis is now in my top five. I find him sooooo sexy.


Party Down, 1.06: Taylor Stiltskin's Sweet Sixteen Party

MY FAVOURITE. Please watch it. This episode guest starred JK Simmons as a powerful and very angry movie producer with the filthiest mouth in the universe, Ron got accidentally stoned with funny, smart rappers, Constance talked about how hard it is to be popular, and Henry was a completely adorable loser. Plus I learned that bleaching your teeth really hurts! &hearts


Smallville, 8.19: Stiletto

I was really uncomfortable with the plot of this episode. I can't possibly be amused by Lois making up a story to help her career because it's the worst thing a journalist can do. Heck, The Wire dedicated an entire season to indicting this very practice and it's just, it's not funny to me. No matter how cute Lois was as Stiletto (although wow did I hate her makeup - she looked like a clown) I found myself unable to relax and enjoy myself.

However! The scene where Lois and Super!Clark talked on the phone at the end was unbelievably romantic and perfect and it made me forgive her. They are awesome together. There's no doubt in my mind that Clark has fallen head over heels for her and is actually starting to realise it. Forget that he took a bullet for her (*clutches heart*) the guy cannot stop perving at her: yet again he felt the need to talk about the tightness of Lois's clothes. Something about there being "no room for introspection under that costume". Translation: "You looked freaking hot and I want to make sex with you".

No, he's not at the point where he can give in to his desires but he's on the right track! Because the way she is with him, the kindness she showed Supes on the phone - there's only one woman who's right for Clark and it's Lois and I think Smallville is doing a really good job showing that.

Poor Chloe. I felt bad for her throughout the whole episode, and I even got a little teary in the scene where she was disposing of Davis's leftovers.


And now for the obligatory Veronica Mars comment:

We finished season 2 last night and I loved it even more the second time and I really don't understand why anyone would dislike it. So there.

Also, I'm in love with Jason Dohring. Did you know he is doing two shows about people having sex in Washington? One is an HBO show (promising!) called "Washingtonienne", but I suspect his part is tiny; the other is called "Body Politic" and it's on the CW, which means it's probably going to suck. Still. Jason!
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