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I'm rewatching S2 of Veronica Mars with Kirsty (and, btw, absolutely loving it), but I have a couple of questions regarding a few plot holes. Maybe I am just unobservant, but I'm pretty sure these things weren't made clear -- perhaps there are some deleted scenes I need to see? Anyway:

1. The blonde girl (Astrid?) in the car with Vinnie and Duncan at the end of "Donut Run" is the same blonde girl who Veronica thought might be the Kanes' secret daughter, yes? So... does that mean Celeste really was pregnant in high school? Why else would Astrid help Duncan? And if Astrid is the Kanes' kid, what happened to her? Who raised her? When did she and Duncan find out the truth?

2. More importantly, did Duncan have sex with Kendall? Because she claims to have been in his bed, but I guess that could mean that she waited in his bed in an attempt to seduce him but he rejected her. I'm just really annoyed that it's never made clear - because while Duncan doesn't seem like the type to cheat on Veronica, it's ambiguous enough for me to wonder whether he did.


Shows I've Been Catching Up On

I'm now 3 episodes in to season 2 of "Life" and I'm really enjoying it. The cast is great, especially Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi, who are both really, really hot. I actually like that there's no sexual tension between them and that they just work well as partners while barely being friends: they bounce off each other so beautifully when they're questioning a suspect -- they're in perfect synch and they've got the chemistry of work colleagues who totally trust and respect each other, and no more (which is rare in TV - I kind of expect that to change at some point but I hope it doesn't). Amazingly I find the scenes between Charlie and his ex wife completely erotic - I don't even like her much, but man do they sizzle together.

I finished season 1 of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"... and... I dunno, I'm not sold. The reason I've been watching is because so many of my flist have raved about season 2, but I'm struggling to emotionally connect -- obviously I find Derek Reese insanely attractive, but the only other character I like much is James Ellison, and the overly portentous voiceover just makes me laugh when it's not annoying me. Is S2 better/different from S1? Should I keep at it?


How I Met Your Mother, 4.20: Mosbius Designs

Marshall and Lily both ship Robin/Barney! When Marshall was all, "We think you're kind of perfect for each other" or whatever it was, I nearly fell off my seat. Because that is obviously exactly how I feel, and I can't believe the writers agree!


Bones, 4.21: Mayhem on a Cross

Totally made me cry. Sweeeeeets. *cuddles him forever*

Okay, so my guess is that Brennan is the one struggling on a daily basis with her attraction to Booth - I'm not sure what I'm basing that on other than that Booth would be the more obvious choice. What are your thoughts?
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