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SV S5 Mortal

S5 is doing it for me. From the new, cheesy credit sequence, to the Shock Horror, storytelling in the first two eps.

Best of all was that slashtastic fight between Clark and Lex, where Clark was really only hitting Lex so Lex would hit him back. Oh *please*. How excited was Clark by all of that? So Clark can't have what he really wants from Lex, but he can still tussle with him. He can still touch him, be physical with him. Get himself all worked up so he can go over to Lana's place and fuck her convincingly. He had a hard on all through that scene and all he needed from Miss Perfect was the release. 

I always think of Lex being the sexually domineering one, but I think they're pretty evenly matched. Clark liked being on top and he liked it when Lex was. Oh, Clark. Blood dripping from his perfect mouth, a look of smug triumph on his beautiful face, an eye fuck of epic proportions, and Lex can't believe he was wrong, and deep down he knows he wasn't.

Clark's a liar. Tried and true.

The friendship is well and truly over, but their lust for each other rages on.

Tags: sv: episode review, tv: smallville
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