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Dollhouse, 1.09: Spy in the House of Love

Happy Easter, the internet!

Can I please encourage you all, once again, to watch "Dollhouse"? I swear to you, it is the most interesting, audacious, disturbing show on TV right now, and whatever gripes you may have had with it during the early episodes (which you know I didn't like either), it is not the same show now. With the most recent episode, 'Spy in the House of Love', Joss Whedon has proved yet again to be a risk taker, whose number one priority is to tell unique, entertaining, character-based stories that are sometimes shockingly dark, yet always enjoyable. My plan is to keep pimping this show every single week until you people start listening to me, and, you know, *posting about it too*.

Dollhouse, 1.09: Spy in the House of Love

There were many huge revelations in this episode, and I'm blown away by how unpredictable each of them was, starting with Miss Lonelyhearts. I didn't see it coming at all, but it makes perfect sense to me that Adele would take advantage of the organisation in that way. She's a woman of dubious morality who's also terribly lonely and conflicted about what she does, and I can only respect the show's refusal to woobify her. The juxtaposition of her scenes with Victor -- where we see her vulnerability and humanity -- and her scenes with Dominic -- where she's as ruthless and cold as ever, was shocking. She's a difficult character to warm to, but she's fascinating.

My favourite scene was Mellie/November revealing the truth about herself to an unhinged Ballard. I loved it so much. It was exciting and unexpected, and a big relief. Because one thing that often drives me nuts is characters being in the dark for too long about something the audience knows -- it can feel like the writers are making a mug out of the character -- but I thought the timing of this particular revelation was perfect. Finally Ballard has the upper hand, which he really needed, and now he will be able to use Mellie against the Dollhouse, and perhaps do some real damage.

Then there was Echo and Dominic. Wow.

Now, is Dominic the same spy that's feeding info to Ballard? Because I'm not getting that impression. I believed him when he told Adele that the NSA sent him to look after the Dollhouse, because he tried to kill Echo twice, and the spy who wants to *destroy* the Dollhouse wouldn't do that. Right? Theories?

Anyway, I will actually miss him, mostly because his final words were so thrilling:

Dominic: After you beat me to a pulp they're gonna erase me. But first they're gonna erase you.

Echo: I can take care of myself.

Dominic: I know. That's why I'm smiling. Because one day you will be erasing them. Even after all this they still won't see it coming. Sooner or later everybody gets theirs.

The subtext of course being, WATCH THIS SHOW. Also, he was sexy in that scene, lying there like that all wounded and smiling and croaky voiced.


Bones, 4.19: The Science in the Physicist

Vincent is by far my favourite of the Zack replacements, and I hope he becomes a full time member of the cast next season -- I like the way he interacts with the other characters, I love the mischief he and Hodgens get up to, I love all his factoids, and I just generally find him ridiculously cute and charming.
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